Commercial Floor Replacement, Installation Process

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Quick Commercial Epoxy Floor Solution

Answering the call to provide fast-paced service for the restaurant, hospitality, and institutional care industry RF Mannarino applies Jet Rock commercial epoxy floor system to keep kitchens running.  Refinishing the floors with a seamless epoxy system saves countless man hours of maintenance over worn-out tile surfaces and makes the kitchen more attractive and clean.  Contact us for a quote to help you remodel your kitchen today.

In this recent project to completely remodel an Indian Restaurant we helped the owner meet an aggressive schedule.  First existing equipment was relocated and floor was cleaned. This particular kitchen required shifting equipment between two halves of the work space so the work was done in phases.  Fortunately Jet Rock dries and matures quickly and is a usable surface within hours of application.  We were able to move equipment into the completed area and work on the rest of the kitchen without delay.  Don’t try that with a traditional tile floor. Jet Rock Commercial Flooring System is without a doubt the best product to use when you want to provide a low-maintenance surface with a minimum down time.  Most jobs can be finished in a matter of a few evenings, which means more time for your kitchen to make you money.

Call us today to get a quote on a quick, professional installation of your new, safe, clean, Jet Rock epoxy floor system for your commercial kitchen.

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RF Mannarino Construction now offers Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions!

We are proud to announce that RF Mannarino Construction is now an exclusive installer for JET ROCK Epoxy Flooring Systems in South Florida and Central Florida, including the coasts.  Watch the video and contact us with questions about how we can help you transform your Back of House flooring into a modern, low-maintenance, sanitary surface.



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Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home

The process of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home may seem daunting. Our many years of experience in designing and constructing outdoor kitchens, or summer kitchens, gives us significant insights into what works best in different situations, what products are available, and most importantly how to help create an outdoor living area for our client that meets their ideal of comfort and relaxation. Here are some recommendations on how to add an outdoor kitchen to your home.

We recommend that a homeowner who has decided to add an outdoor kitchen to their home go through two simple steps to help define the scope of the project.

  1. Determine the expected uses of your outdoor kitchen: Whether you are hosting events, or entertaining dozens, or simply relaxing with just the family.
  2. Determine the functionality you wish your outdoor kitchen to maintain, as this will make a huge impact on the form it takes.

Frequency of use, method of cooking, and method of serving (open bar, cooler, etc.) are all important factors in your summer kitchen. Will you prefer to cook up wood-fired pizzas or barbecued steaks? Cold beverages are also often overlooked in a summer kitchen. Would you like to offer your guests mixed drinks, chilled wine, beer, or flavored sodas?


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Lumber stocks go up as new houses do.

Construction and remodeling is on the rise as America’s confidence in the future grows. According to a recent report by Mitchell Clark, stocks in industries that service Orlando home construction and remodeling are climbing indicating that now is the time to invest in a new home or remodel your current one.

At RF Mannarino Contracting Company we can help you evaluate whether to buy or renovate.

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Orlando is Flipping Sweet!

According to the latest data assembled by Realtytrac, Orlando/Kissimmee is the most profitable metropolitan area in the whole country to flip houses. ‘Flipping’ a house is a quick-profit strategy in which an investor purchases real estate at a discount price and improves the property in order to sell it at a higher price, usually within 6 months. The statistics show that, on average, homes in Orlando that were remodeled and resold within 6 months made a gross profit of almost $65,000. RF Mannarino Construction company is experienced at remodeling Windermere, Winter Park, Heathrow, and other upscale Orlando communities and can assist you with locating sound investment properties and evaluating the costs of repair before you purchase. If you are in need of renovations or remodeling to an existing Orlando metro area home or if you are considering buying one that may need repairs let us help that decision be profitable for you. Our sign in your yard is a sign of a job well done.
Click here to read full article from Realty Trac.

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Pre-Cast Stone Columns Going Up!

Nothing dresses up a house the way precast stone does. It gives any structure a richness of detail that improves the visual appeal and impression of permanence. Many of the projects that we undertake either as a builder or remodeler in Isleworth, Keene's Point and other Orlando communities have involved the installation of precast stone elements. Window casing, sills, door frames, coping, wall caps, railings, balustrades, pier caps, and of course, columns. The pictures here show the column installation from arrival on pallets to assembly.

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Azek deck and rail products meet our standards

We have found that we are using this product more and more often. Azek deck and rail products just make sense for our clients in so many situations that it makes it easy to recommend. For our clients low-maintenance, durability and high quality appearance are important criteria that Azek meets and exceeds. Follow this link to their website for a quick video.

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Siding Repair in Celebration Underway

Referred to us by a preferred roofing vender we have started repairs on a house in Celebration with improperly installed siding. This caused leaks and damage to the interior. It was necessary to pull all the siding and put on a peel-and-stick membrane to provide continuous waterproof barrier and to redo the flashing around all windows and at the base of the wall. Now that the repairs have been made new fiber cement siding (commonly referred to as hardiboard) will be installed.

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